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There are three independant local Canadian firms using DNTW as part of their name. They operate in three cities - Saskatoon, Toronto and Montreal. Partners and principal in those local firms are forward-minded individuals, who strive for professionalism, advancement of knowledge, and the provision of cost-effective and value added service to their clientele.

These local firms and their predecessors have in some cases been successfully involved in service to the public for decades. Their goal has always been to serve our clients with the best accounting and tax services possible. This means being available and accessible to each individual client to answer a simple question or assist in solving a complex problem. DNTW firms are concerned about their client’s welfare, and are committed to helping them by providing all facets of quality and timely accounting and tax services.

Historically, the role of the CA (now CPA) has been to help individuals and corporations prepare their taxes at the end of the fiscal year. This is still an integral role of the practicing Chartered Professional Accountant. As society has grown more complex, so have financial matters. Thus, the need for clients to seek thorough professional financial advice has become a necessity. DNTW firms recognize this need and strive to provide competent assistance and sound advice in the areas of taxation, accounting and management services.

In recent years, the accounting profession itself has undergone enormous changes in professional standards and requirements. Realizing the difficulty of maintaining these new standards and meeting the growing needs of clients, the partners of the local independant DNTW firms feel that through the sharing of combined knowledge with each other, clientele can be provided with an even wider range of professional services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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