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Cross Border

A DNTW firm can help with your Cross-Border tax issues.

US Individuals

You travel to Canada on business. Or, you own vacation property in Canada that you rent out when you're not using it. Maybe you have commercial property that you rent. Perhaps you have investments in Canada that pay you interest or dividends. You're wondering how to report all this on your US tax return and you're wondering if there are any taxes that should be paid in Canada.

A DNTW firm can help.

US Businesses

You are a US company doing business in Canada. Or, perhaps you're just planning to start business here. You plan to start small, perhaps with a few visits to prospective customers. Perhaps you're already here and you're wondering about Canadian taxes and how your employees will be affected. You're wondering about the Goods and Services Tax ("GST") and the Harmonized Sales Tax ("HST"). You may have heard that some provinces have a Provincial Sales Tax ("PST").

If you're doing business in Canada, even on a limited scale, you have an obligation to file a Canadian corporate tax return. It's likely you have to collect GST/HST and file a return. Depending on where your sales are you may have to consider PST. Your employees may have to file a Canadian tax return.

A DNTW firm can help.

Research and Development

Your company is doing research or development in Canada. You've heard there are Canadian programs to assist in reducing the overall cost. Someone may have mentioned SR+ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development). You're wondering if you qualify to get this funding.

A DNTW firm can help.