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Tax Planning

We look for goalines, not deadlines!

The Service:
Tax services are comprised of both compliance and planning. A forward-looking tax strategy is required to minimize taxes and maximize value. Staying up to date on the latest tax legislation is likely one of the farthest things from your mind. You should be aware that effective tax planning will help you avoid traps and pitfalls, and will enable you to capture deductions and credits and maximize the benefits of the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

For Individuals:
Regardless of what individual goals you have set for yourself, efficient tax planning is essential in order to build, preserve and maximize wealth.

For Businesses:
The tax function can contribute significantly to a corporation's strategic financial goals. It is essential for successful companies to manage the tax implications of every aspect of doing business- whether expanding or contracting, in managing your resources, whether human, physical or intangible. This is applicable whether you are dealing with old economy or e-business.

In the area of our primary focus, the world of the owner-managed business, the prime objective is to minimize and defer the tax for a corporation and its shareholders. In the owner-managed company, our approach to the shareholder and the company is to view them as one economic unit.

The focus of tax planning is to maximize the after-tax retention of income, cash and increasing wealth.

Your tax strategy needs to be both innovative and demonstrably effective in creating value, while at the same time allowing you to think ahead in a fast changing environment.